Gaming Machines

Gaming Machines

In the gaming machine segment, Gamenet Group ensures ensure the highest levels of reliability and safety thanks to innovative equipment and cutting-edge technologies.

Along with all its business partners, the Group works in a constantly reliable and professional manner to promote a healthy gaming culture and a responsible and mindful approach to gaming, supporting legal gambling, guaranteed by the State, as opposed to the dangers and risks of illegal and underage gambling.

Controlling Gaming machines

The Group’s offering in this segment comprises both AWPs and Videolotteries.

AWPs (Amusement With Prize), also known in Italy as “Newslot”, represent traditional “slot machines” and may be installed in public venues like bars, coffee shops, public gaming halls, betting shops and agencies, etc. The machines are connected to the concessionaire’s online network for control purposes and their software is contained in a smart card issued by the ADM and inserted into the AWP machine, which cannot be modified remotely. In this segment which is so important for tax revenues, Gamenet Group occupies a prominent place thanks to an efficient, reliable and technologically advanced online network, which connects and manages tens of thousands of devices, distributed by hundreds of partners in public venues and gaming halls throughout the country.

VLTs (Video Lottery Terminal) are fully remotely controlled and real-time monitored gaming machines. They can be installed only dedicated gaming halls, meeting strict security and control standards, where access to minors is strictly forbidden. Gamenet Group is one of the major operators in Italy in the Video Lottery segment: Gamenet's VLTs are installed in hundreds of dedicated gaming rooms throughout Italy, carefully selected after detailed examination of the social context of the area, considering safety issues and the vicinity of halls to sensitive locations and in collaboration with representatives of local institutions.