Retail and Street Operations

Retail and Street Operations

Since 2012, Gamenet Group has pursued a strategy of vertical integration in the business segment involving the direct management of owned gaming halls (Retail) and the direct management of owned AWPs (Street Operations).

Significant streamlining efforts have resulted in the Group now directly managing 66 gaming halls throughout Italy, under various distribution formats and brands.




Enjoy the Game is the new brand that identifies high profile rooms in the Gamenet network.

Selected from best rooms in the Gamenet network and conceived according to the highest standards in interior design, the Enjoy the Game gambling rooms combine all the most engaging aspects of entertainment and are a benchmark for variety and the comprehensive nature of the games and services offering.




Born from direct experience and an in-depth knowledge of gaming halls around the world, Billions is an all-italian company specializing in the development of large rooms with a high level of service.

The unique style of Billions halls, based on a balanced mix of entertainment, food and games, makes them the ideal place for an enjoyable evening of fun, good music and quality food.




Gamenet Entertainment gaming halls are unique and original environments, each one with its own identity but all united by the high quality standard guaranteed by Gamenet Group.

The attention to detail, professional staff and customer care make them places where people can socialise and meet, as well as share a positive gambling experience, in an elegant yet discreet setting, designed to be welcoming while ensuring privacy for each guest.