Security and Innovation

Security and Innovation

All gaming solutions offered by Gamenet Group are carefully selected to ensure the highest levels of reliability and safety for players. Whether it’s VLTs or platforms for online gaming, each game and/or transaction can only take place when there is a real-time link with the Group’s data center, all ISO27001 certified, and with Sogei, the Ministry of Finance’s IT structure, and with confirmation of acceptance of the bet. This ensures the absolute validity of each game that has been accepted, and the payment of any winnings.

In real time, dozens and dozens of exchanges of information take place every moment, and each of them is individually monitored and verified in order to guarantee safety and legality. The Group's IT systems manage more than 260 million transactions every day, including AWP and VLT entertainment devices, and betting and online games. And every day there are more than 20 million events monitored by the SIEM (Security Information and Event Managementadvanced monitoring platform managed by Gamenet Group.

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The Group also complies with all the regulations regarding antimoney laundering and measures to counter terrorist financing and has established a detailed set of procedures that interested parties are required to comply with regarding the prevention and detection of illegal money laundering.

In the VLT segment, to better manage the constant flow of data and documents from gaming halls, permit timely monitoring and simplify operating procedures, the Group has developed an in-house application for the digital identification of players and generation of digital identification records. With regard to the verification and ongoing monitoring of the reputational requirements of Group company business partners, work has started on the implementation of a system that permits the integration of various data banks including video records, anti-terrorist data, PEP/PIL (politically exposed person / local Italian politicians) and bad news.

With a view to limiting the scope for money laundering and fraud linked to online betting, the Group has adopted and certified control systems that verify, register and monitor suspicious transactions or unusual transaction types and show the related personal customer data. The Group has also introduced a control system that performs systematic verification tests, throughout the entire life cycle of betting transactions and winnings, in order to identify instances of non-compliance with the relevant legislation in force or internal policies communicated to the Group’s distribution network partners. Indeed, in the event of a breach of the laws or policies in force, the contracts between Group companies and their distribution network partners provide that the former may terminate the contract and also that, in accordance with the law, such breach must be communicated to the relevant competent authorities.