Mission Values and Vision

Mission, Values and Vision

Mission, Values and Vision


Gamenet Group is among the leading players in the gaming sector in Italy, where it operates as both a concessionaire and a retailer. The company aims to be the partner of choice for the best operators in the industry.

In terms of retail, Gamenet Group wants to ensure its customers have an experience that is fun, engaging and sustainable, in high-quality, safe locations that provide players with care, passion, professionalism and transparency.

Gamenet Group wishes to ensure the provision of excellent service and to this end the company focuses on taking care of its people, striving to be a place where staff are proud to work and on the ability to attract and retain top professionals.



We believe that teamwork, sharing and clear communication are vital for confidence-building, participation and the achievement of common objectives, further developing a sense of belonging. We consider it essential to enhance the different skills and competences of each individual as well as the work of the group as a whole.


We practice the utmost integrity and transparency in our interactions with colleagues and partners, and remain fully compliant with the relevant regulations. We believe that clarity and simplicity of communication, intellectual honesty and fairness in managing relationships are key issues for creating relationships with our stakeholders that are based on mutual trust.


We believe that each of us, as part of our role, should shoulder our responsibilities and be aware of the impact and consequences that our actions have in achieving results. We work constantly towards finding a sustainable balance between our business objectives, the requirements of the State and social needs, while ensuring the protection of vulnerable people those most at risk.


We operate with the utmost respect for the dignity of all, and with great care and attention to the needs of others. The needs of our partners and customers, the work of each of our colleagues - regardless of the position held - and the time value of each person are all fundamental to us. We consider humility and education to be the basis of any relationship.


We want to strive for excellence with passion, to offer products and services that stand out for their high quality standards. We believe it is vital to implement career paths for people able to stimulate and drive change in a constantly evolving market, seizing useful signals at all levels, in order to anticipate the scenarios and to read everyday contexts.


To be the benchmark concessionaire for the leading operators in the market and the best retail operator in Italy in the gaming industry