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The Billions Gaming Halls obtain renewal of the “Punto Sicuro” certification

The Billions Gaming Halls obtain renewal of the “Punto Sicuro” certification

02/02/2018 - A system capable of preventing pathological gambling, identifying at-risk players and directing them towards specialist treatment centres, thus contributing to combating illegal phenomena such as money-laundering, usury and criminal infiltration. This is the Punto Sicuro” project developed by PK Consulting, which just a few days ago renewed the certification for the gaming halls under Gamenet Group's Billions trademark in Rome and Bologna, as well as awarding the certification to the Billions hall in Prato for the first time.

The Billions halls are the only gaming halls in Italy to have been certified in accordance with “Punto Sicuro” since 2013, an award that confirms the implementation of the principles of “Sustainable Gambling”, an approach which promotes the entertainment aspect while aiming to counterbalance negative externalities as far as possible. These principles, which are formalised in a set of Guidelines approved by the Department of Psychiatric Consultation of the Agostino Gemelli University Hospital in Rome, have been objectively proven to be capable of preventing, identifying and limiting the risks of pathological gambling. The Guidelines focus particularly on the most vulnerable age groups (under 21, over 65) and envisage the creation of a “Gambling Services Charter”, as well as a Hall Register in which any potentially anomalous or unusual situations can be noted in order to identify signals that enable the early recognition of potentially at-risk behaviour and the relative management of any “crisis” situations.

The project involved staff from all of the Billions gaming halls, with a total of 60 employees receiving training. The training was not just directed at floor staff, who represent the “front line” in the identification and management of gamblers who demonstrate potentially pathological behaviour or predictive factors, but also at chefs, baristas and other catering personnel, in recognition of the correlation between certain foods and drinks and certain at-risk behaviour.

The certification was issued by an independent third party, Rina Services S.p.A., which conducted interviews and scheduled and unscheduled hall inspections to confirm that appropriate training had been provided and that hall management is conducted in accordance with the requirements envisaged by the Guidelines.

The attainment of the Punto Sicuro certification is just the start of the commitment of the Billions gaming halls and Gamenet Group to preventing pathological gambling: the next steps include the drive to consolidate the involvement and synergy with local healthcare establishments, particularly in Prato and Bologna, mirroring the Group's partnership with the Agostino Gemelli University Hospital in Rome in order to better direct at-risk gamblers.

In the course of its activities, Gamenet Group strives earnestly and professionally to promote a healthy gambling culture, one to be experienced responsibly and with full knowledge of the facts, and the Punto Sicuro certification is further confirmation of this commitment.